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st months. In the first three quarters, Tang's company had only 3 million yuan (439,090 U.S. dollars) sales turnover, compared with 20 million yuan in 2007. Tang had to dismiss 30 out of

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  • l to a more sustainable one is considered crucial for the countr
  • y's economic development.By Xinhua ▓writer Wu Qi BEIJING, Dec. 6
  • (Xinhua) -- Tang Keshuai has bee▓n down in the dumps for
  • months, ever since he began to feel the pinc

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  • ce mid March. Tang, ma
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nager of Langyu Plastic and Ru

  • bber Co. Ltd., a plastic and rubber product produce▓r based in east China's Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, used to settle his accounts with raw material suppliers once every four months, on the tradi▓tional Chinese lunar
  • festivals of Dragon Boat, Mid Autumn and Spring Festival respectively. But the rule was changed in mid Mar▓ch when raw material suppliers asked for accounts to be settled once each month. The cha▓nge was not a good one. The original four-month span a

llowed Tang to ▓have su

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